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Tips for Removing Tea Residues in Glass Bottle

1. How to remove tea residues in a glass bottle? Tea residues, which cannot be removed with neutral detergent, can be removed easily after being soaked in vinegar or decolorizer.
2. If the tea stains in a glass cup are thicker, put more sodium carbonate, add water and then place it for one night; brush the cup the next day so that the tea stains can be removed easily.
3. How to remove tea residues in a glass teacup or teapot? When a teacup or teapot is used for a long time, there will be lots of tea residues; they can be removed easily by rubbing with a piece of sponge with salt.
4. After brushing the rim and inside of a glass cup, do not forget to brush the cup bottom, because it is very dirty after being used for long time and it is not easy to clean. Brush it with steel wool several times firstly and then clean it down with a brush.
5. After soaking the glass bottle in decolorizer or cleaner solution and place it for one night, the tea residues in it can be removed.

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